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My Purpose is to "Help Individuals, families and business owners to achieve piece of mind and security through holistic financial planning"  - John Rego

Our Team of Insurance Associates

We love building products & services for you.

John Rego

Sr. Insurance 7 Investment Advisor 


I have 21 years of experience in the insurance industry, and have been selling policies to fit individual client needs with an emphasis on long–term relationship building as well as excellent customer service.

I have worked for top insurance companies such as Clarica and Sun life Financial where I have been named Advisor of the year in our Etobicoke Branch and received other various awards and distinctions throughout my career.

In my current role as a broker with VFG Financial Group, I assist clients in understanding their new policies, provide information on claims and explain different features of insurance plans. 

My added services include meetings with clients every two years to determine if their insurance needs continue to be met, or if other plans would be more suitable.

I created website to focus on insurance products to enable prospective clients to easily apply for an online quote.

Pedro Raposo

Sr. Insurance & Investment Advisor


I have 26 years of experience in the financial services industry, and the companies I deal with are all by choice - reputable, claims-paying, competitive companies.

I have chosen these companies with you in mind - they provide me with the best suite of products and services for you.

When your family's well-being is at stake it is important to pick the right person with the right representation for the job of protecting your family's well-being.

David D. Seemungal

Sr. Insurance & Investment Advisor


Over the last 31 years, I've gained broad experience in strategic and financial planning. 

I've been licensed to provide Mutual Funds & Labour Sponsored Funds, Home & Auto Insurance, RESP's, Mortgages, and Life, Accident, and Sickness Insurance. I hold an Elder Planning Counsellor (EPC) designation.

 MoneyTrends at VFG Financial Group strives to deliver tailored solutions to individuals, professionals, and small companies.

 As brokers representing our clients, we provide customised, innovative risk management and tax-efficient investment (using our insurance providers), as well as accounting, lending, and legal advice to qualified clients in our target audience. 

It all begins with a no-obligation conversation which will help to identify how we may assist in meeting the needs of suitably qualified potential clients.